Ludum Dare 33 – You are the monster

So once again Ludum Dare has rolled around. Game development hell at its finest.

The theme this year was “you are the monster” - so I started with a reverse pacman kinda idea, but after playing around with pathfinding, settled on a zombie hoarde controlling game.

Pretty much, you control 4 zombies at the start of the game, and it’s your job to make them eat and then kill the last remaining human on earth.

In numbers:

  • Screenshots for timelapse: 13377

  • Hours to create the game: 48

  • Hours of sleep: 14

  • Hours of Work: 4

  • Red bulls : 3.5

  • Chocolate bars: 2

  • Meals missed: 1

  • Games: 1

Play Clicky Clicky Zombie Killy

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