Ludum Dare 34 Results are in!

So, after 3 weeks of judging, Trump Inc Sim has been rated! Out of ~3000 entries, here are my results:

![]( Coolness 59%
#127 Humor 3.34
#668 Innovation 2.81
#785 Mood 2.42
#894 Overall 2.63
#895 Theme 2.87
#924 Fun 2.20

So, postmortem. I’m… slightly disappointed. I was pleased with the mechanics - I viewed them as sound, but then again, I am biased. So let’s look at the feedback and see what I can do.

One massive complaint was how intimidating the game is, some appeared not to view the tutorial; this is totally understandable. The lack of an interactive tutorial might be a cause to this, I actually tried to do this, but couldn’t find a good way to do that in Angular. But that’s noted for any big games in the future.

Another complaint was being unable to understand the mechanics. I now realise that I didn’t put some of the more important mechanics (competitors, price calculation) on the help page. This is a pretty major flaw in design.

People did find the game entertaining - this was my main aim. I didn’t aim for mechanical perfection or visual superiority, I wanted to make people laugh. I achieved this, and for this I am happy. This is reflected in my humour placement - Top 5%.

So, overall, the main failings in Trump Simulator were documentation and presentation. These are definitely things that could have been improved given more than 48 hours. All in all, a positive result for Trump.

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