Ludum Dare 35 Results are Back!

Here we are once more, Ludum Dare results day; The unavoidable bastion of hype swiftly followed by dissapointment.

And boy did this one live up to that description.

Did it ever.

![]( Coolness 94%
#93 Humor 3.41
#169 Innovation 3.64
#205 Theme 3.76
#381 Mood 3.04
#417 Overall 3.27
#488 Fun 3.10
#548 Audio 2.39
#550 Graphics 2.84

I mean, at least I broke #100. But on the feedback I had, I was expecting at least 3 below the 200 mark. I’m gonna go sleep.

Postmortem: Did as well as I could, still not enough. Last ludum dare? Maybe. I don’t think it’s worth it.

Hannah Ward

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