This post exists so I can use cards with youtube to issue post-publish corrections more visibly than in the description.

Kanatan’s sexy-man voice is too much for Sui-chan

2:27 - “we’re married after all”. This comes from me misinterpreting 4 syllables that could have one of two meanings. You’ll see both scattered throughout the comments.

Amane Kanata’s custom waifu takes too much Asacoco

2:02 - “that’s totally the drugged-up sheep”

Amane Kanata asks for Noel’s “Sexy voice”

1:58 - “are you actually doing that, or did you just want me to pay attention to you?”. Comes from “komatte” and “kamatte” sounding VERY similar here

Aqua is (not) being considerate

Honestly I didn’t think anyone would care to see what these mean. They’re… essentially made-up and very vague. I used the localisation from the english version of the game here.



I’ll list things that I get asked a lot here.

How do I start learning Japanese?

Bear in mind that I’m just some N3 weeb (at time of writing), so I’m not a total beginner but I’m not really great either

At time of writing I’ve been actively trying to learn stuff for about 2 years, without formal education of any sort.

With that said:

Take a look at the DJT guide - it’s how i started learning in any proper fashion. , and most of it started there.

Throw those moonrunes at your eyeballs and ear holes until they cease to be quite so runic.

If you’re here, you’re probably into vtubers you can basically kickstart your listening skills by just watching streams and picking up absolutely anything you can.

Learn some basic vocab and grammar from either picking it up via immersion or from resource packs, then try to consume native content (e.g basic manga)

So, to paraphrase, to get started:

  • Learn the kana from realkana. It won’t take long, really. Yes some of them look sorta similar. You’ll work it out.
  • Immerse yourself as much as possible. Japanese music, streams, twitter people, anything you can to get more of the language around you.
  • Do not obsess about being as efficient or fast as possible. That’s a swamp that you’ll use to procrastinate and not actually learn.
  • If they help you, try a textbook. I personally used some of Minna no Nihongo before N3.
  • Get started with kanji. Pace yourself. There are a looot, and just as many ways that claim to teach you them faster. I personally use kanjidamage.
  • Try reading native material as soon as possible. The generic beginners’ recommendation is yotsubato!, but if you’re able to search I recommend girls’ last tour.
  • Keep at it. It takes ages. Sometimes it feels like you’re making no progress. This is normal. It’ll click at some point and you’ll go “OHHHHH!”

It will take years though. and it’s a lot of work. Good luck.