Who's on your 2016 'I wish that hadn't been released' list?

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As we’re coming to the end of 2016, I am still entirely dependant on open-source stuff. I continue to resist “web dev” trends and it’s been node JS hell ever since - and I’m not alone.

I’m not at all thankful for the “nodeJS or bust” attitude of the web dev “community”, and I do not support them. My full “please stop that” list is below. Who’s on your list?

NPM Dependency Purgatory

Oh please stop this. Please stop it now.

I bowed to using NPM to get some libraries. I thought “ok, how bad can it be?”. The answer? Very.

So you go ahead, you type npm install [something]. Then a thing spins are you get a million subdirectories worth of dependencies. You know, this could be forgivable. Dependencies are ok!

The unforgivable thing is the fact that these dependencies are recursively stored - so, if you’re installing 2 packages, A and B, A requires C v1.0, B requires C v1.1. Normally this should cause a warning to appear, saying that there’s a dependency issue. Not in NPM.

What will happen is that within node_modules/A, there will be C v1.0, and within node_modules/B there will be C v1.1. This actually breaks functionality some of the time. React.JS in particular will break if multiple versions are loaded. Thanks NPM.


Every time a nice new framework is released, I think “oh cool, I’ll try it out”

open README read “installation” only instructions on how to install for node




What if you want to use apache, huh? What about that!?

Ok I think I’ve shouted at node enough now.

Hopefully it dies next year.

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